Key Features

Close the loop

Put together marketing and sales, advertiser will be able to prepare a promotional campaing using a product placement estrategy knowing the feedback of the audience.

Detailed Analytics

Get the information for understanding the viewer behavior interaction with the video. What taggs are more viewed, which are the shopping habits and change the interaction on the fly.

Clickable objects

Manual Tag its a hard and expensive task. We have been developed a Computer Vision Technology that allow to learn and track objects do you want to tag in the video.

Interactive Videos

Every object tagged become an hyperlink. While the viewer watch teh video will be possible to shop, get more information or received specific ads according of objects that appear in the video.

Reduce the Cost

A sitcom of 30 minutes has more than 40.000 images that have to be precessed. We offer a set of tools that can help to make the tagging process more quick and easy.

Monetize your videos

Maximize the incoming selecting the ads depending on the objects that appear in the scenes or put in contact your viewers with ron-line shop that sell the objects that apear in the video.